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1983, Collage art by Karen. This is an interesting flyer: note the "and special guest". This "special guest" was in fact The Vandals. They played the previous friday night at the Backstage (see the other flyer). The Backstage's owner, Jim Baker, insisted that no advertising be done for the Stumble Inn gig until AFTER the Backstage show. So we hung this flyer all around, while getting the word out. Thing is, BOTH shows were packed and I'm not sure which one was better. Seeing the Vandals launch into their classic "Urban Struggle", a parody of the whole "urban cowboy" phenom, at the Stumble Inn, with the wagon wheels and stuffed deer heads all around, was, well, memorable (yes, the crowd went nuts). Then they broke out the tanks of nitrous that they stole the previous day in Phoenix and the whole night was a gas.




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