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1983. After the Backstage went down in flames Dangerzone started doing shows that included such acts as Scream, Government Issue, The Effigies, DRI, and loads of locals. UPS (Useless Pieces of Shit), formed from Civil Death and Corporate Whores people rose to notoriety there. A good space, Dangerzone didnt last very long, but there was a great string of shows there. This show brought out quite a few people somehow; I think the reputation of Tucson's punk scene was starting to finally heat up. Ill Repute were a great band, funny young guys from Oxnard, who did a cover of "Cherokee Nation". I'm pretty sure they were skaters.

Today, downtown has become an "arts district" and, after a period of overt gentrified blandness, there are several good clubs there (but I still miss Thrifty Drugstore's cheap good icecream).





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