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Ninos had quite a few hardcore shows, some locals only too. It was a funky place up on north 1st ave just trying to survive, trying the live music experiment. Quite a variety of music there, not really a "punk club". This gig was from early 1984.

My favorite Nino's memory: In late 1985 the Meat Puppets put on a stellar performance that foreshadowed Cris Kirkwood's problems later in life. Cris was possessed, throwing his P-bass to the ground, doing quick forward flips onto it and, like lightning, throwing it back on and hitting his stride within one measure. Brilliant. But after the last song he bolted from the stage and assumed a fetal position in the corner of the club, having a complete breakdown. The crowd simply wanted an encore, which he dragged himself up to perform after pleas into the mic from his brother/guitarist Kirk. At the end of the song he threw his bass, full force, flat up against the wall and ran off again. The crowd very quietly exited after that. The bass made a glorious sound, hitting the wall then the floor.

Below are photos of Conflict and singer Karen Allman at this Toxic Reasons gig. My memory has this as Conflict's very last show ever. This photo was taken by Ed Arnaud at this Toxic Reasons show.


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