These are flyers for shows in Tucson 1983-1984 at venues other than the Backstage. Shows started getting booked at the Stumble Inn in '83. After the Backstage burned down shows were held there and at Ninos on North 1st Ave. However, it was The Dangerzone, a short-lived dingey space in Tucson's run-down downtown that carried on most of the old "punk rock" ethic. As the era of hardcore began to slip away with agreeable venues, shows sprouted up at VFW halls, the Unitarian Church out on 22nd street, and of course, parties. Despite scores of shows at the aforementioned venues, I somehow only ended up with following eight flyers.

b01-DieKruezen-TerrynZekes b04-IllRuputeDangerzone b05-StumbleInn-Dinosaur b06-StumbleInnSurgery-Gun b07-TSOL-StumbleInn
b08-CircleJerksStumbleInn b09-ToxicReasonsNinos b10-AgentOrange-DangerZone  




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