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I saved this issue of Tucson's Newsreal Magazine from November 11-December 9, 1983 because it had a review of Conflict's "Last Hour" record by Brian Schottlaender (sandwiched between reviews of Gentlemen After Dark's first release and the Phantom Limbs' "Romance").

Before the Tucson Weekly there was the Mountain Newsreal. In the early 80's it changed to simply Newsreal Magazine and was Tucson's only alternative magazine, published monthly. It featured music writing, listings, album reviews, underground comix, etc. The Tucson Weekly was launched by Doug Biggers ca. 1984. Doug contacted me via this website in July of 2005 and kindly provided the following history, corrections to my original entries:

Tucson Weekly began publishing in February 1984, not 1986. Newsreal was still publishing at the time, but it never published more than 12 issues annually; in other words, it was a monthly, not a weekly. It ceased publication within a few months of the debut of Tucson Weekly, mainly because the Rosens were exhausted.

I worked for Jon Rosen and his wife Jan for a couple years right out of high school. Interesting times they were (met Ed Abbey at the Newsreal office and a pie-throwing Yippie who inspired me to engineer the successful pie-ing of William F. Buckely when he spoke at the UA).



Douglas Biggers, Executive Director
Congress Street Historic Theatres Foundation
Post Office Box 1728, Tucson, AZ 85702
314 East Congress, Suite 206, 85701
Office: 520-884-5559 - Fax: 520-884-5406

Helen Wheels? Amazing woman. Check out her memorial website. So it goes... rest in peace.




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