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Media Man's favorites and stuff. Wonder what ever happended to Street Pajama. Seemed like in those days you couldnt swing a dead cokehead around Tucson without hitting Street Pajama.

Fun fact!: Billy Sed, drummer for Giant Sandworms, was the son of Roger Sedelmeyer. Rog was the president of the Arizona Bank and was a household name/face (late 70's, early 80's) because of the television advertisements he was always featured in ("Hi, I'm Roger Sedelmeyer..."). Imagine the twisted irony when his son was arrested for armed robbery when he attempted to knock off the Dairy Queen at 4th avenue and 6th street in Tucson, through the drive-thru with a gun (yes, the drive-thru!).

Cool update/edit: This just in via email from Don F. (May 31, 2008)

Stumbled on your 1982~ music scene relic site. Cool in an altered state sort of way. One detail, I think you should amend though it's no big deal: Billy Sed tried to rob that Dairy Queen with a screwdriver, not a gun, making it all the more ridiculous. And though I not sure I'm remembering this second part right, I think he was caught because he had put a rag over his license plate... and forgot to take it off after his exit. One of the luckier days of my life as he was supposed to move into my apartment the following week, if he could come up with half the deposit. Wait a second...

Have a good one, Don F.

Thanks Don!

Message for the children: don't use narcotics. They make you think and do silly things. Mind you, I don't condone it, but I understand it...




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