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Below, ads that appeared in the local press for various shows from various notorious venues.


Chances was an eastside Tucson dance club that was smart enough to recognize early the groundswell of interest in "alternative" music and how much people felt it, wanted to dance to it. They were the first. Wildcat House and Stumble Inn quickly recognized the interest and started their own "New Wave Nights" in late 1982. Since the latter were far closer to downtown and the University, Chances soon went under.
Wildcat House was/is a huge college bar and did large booking and took over the New Wave night phenom. Nasty dickhead bouncers, it was never any fun to see bands like The Romantics or whoever there.
Terry and Zeke's was primarily a drinking hole and Blues bar. One of their first live music shows was Die Kruezen in early 1983, picking them up on short notice when the Backstage burned down. Note Mr. Pierce, the genius behind the Gun Club.

Used to be able to see good bands live outdoors in the perpetual Arizona sun on the grass in front of the University of Arizona's Student Union. SUAB had a budget, smart kids booking, everything. Black Flag and the Necros along with all the best local bands played indoors at lunchtime at the Student Union "Cellar". Those days are long gone.... McDonalds and Taco Bell have now infested the remodeled Student Union.

Nobody cares.




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