Heres a collection of stickers, fanzine covers/content, booklets, t-shirts, and even two newspaper articles about The Backstage (one being a review of a 1982 Black Flag performance). Theres also some excellent content regarding the thermonuclear geo-political state of 1983, providing insight as to what fueled the angst of many musicians of the era. Hardcore certainly provided an avenue of expression for a wide variety of artists at the time. Many thanks go out to Conflict singer Karen Allman for providing about half the content herein, and Taylor Winsted for digging up the zine from Alaska.

AA-BlackFlagStickers AB-StraightEdge AC-BackstageBlackFlagArticle AD-BackstageWakeArticle AE-GaggingDogJFA AF-GaggingDogJFAordealArticle AG-GaggingDogTemple
Pettibon/Black Flag Stickers Straightedge Stickers Black Flag review '82 Backstage Burning Down '83 Gagging Dog/JFA issue JFA story page Gagging Dog/Temple issue
AH-IndustrialWaste AI-MeatPuppetsInterviewPage1 AJ-MeatPuppetsInterviewPage2 AK-PositiveCharge AL-DailyCardinal
Gagging Dog Gagging Dog/page Tucson Fanzine '83 Meatpuppets "interview" Meatpuppets (cont.) Phoenix Fanzine '83 Wisconsin 'zine





Page from Reagan Death Phoenix/German zine '84 English zine Tucson Monthly '83 Japanese cassette art Canadian zine Avengers booklet



Barefoot and Pregnant tape Husker page from previous Red Meat page Replacements page Flipside tape art page from previous San Jose tape art
Whipping Boy page from previous R Radical album insert Page from Previous Page from Previous Back page of previous San Xavier Mission shrine Alaskan Zine 1985 A
Center Spread flyer collage from Warning Zine 1985 HaFlyer hating on College Republican types, 1985 JFA "tour" shirt '83 T-shirt '82 T-shirt '83 Minor Threat "out of step" shirt '83 Youth Manifesto tape, with MP3 copy


The remainder of this section is material sent to me by Gorb70. He took a scanner to a fistful of old press from 1982-83 and ended up with a veritable "time capsule" of advertisements, reviews, and "scene reports". If you were in a band or part of the "scene" in Tucson or Phoenix during that time, no doubt you'll recognize some names if not see your own. Enjoy!


Venues, ads
Slitboy Tucson year summary 1982
Record ads
Slitboy Scene Report
Media Man article, Red Scare and DOA
Slitboy/Newsreal "best of" 1982
Serfers/Green on Red
Tucson report, ca. 1985
1982 Scene report
Roads to Moscow Ads
Newsreal late 1983, Suicidal Tendencies
Tickets for Tucson shows sold in Phoenix
Uncle Miltie's Lists
UPS write-up in MRR




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