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Black Flag
Youth Manifesto Tape (featuring Bad Religion, Black Flag, Red Rockers, RF7, Youth Brigade, Saccharine Trust)
Interview with George Hurchalla
Interview with Culturcide's Dan Workman
Interview with Billy West
Interview with JohnTrubee of The Ugly Janitors of America

Archive of Brownian Motion KZSU Stanford Radio Programming

"Free-form" radio, difficult and obtuse new releases along with rare and foundation punk, noise, heavy music and doses of irreverant comedy. Discover new bands, rediscover old ones. Get it while you can, before I get a cease and desist from lawyers or kicked off the air by the powers that be in the shadow of the Hoover Institute. Use as a guide while supporting your favorite local/online record store.

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Husker Du

Live cassette recording made at Tucson's Backstage January 18, 1983. The band had just played in Tucson the previous December 28 and were on their way back from LA having spent time recording Metal Circus for SST. I'm sure that Randy McReynolds was behind the mix (though this is not a board recording). There was about 30 or 40 people in the audience.

1) In a Free Land 7) It's Not Funny Anymore 13) Out On A Limb
2) Target/What Do I Want?/M. I. C. 8) Real World 14) Bricklayer/Tired Of Doing Things/Afraid Of Being Wrong
3) From The GutBlah 9) Diane 15) Strange Week
4) Blah, Blah, 10) First of the Last Calls 16) Data Control/Punch Drunk
5) Wheels 11) Sunshine Superman 17) Wild Thing
6) Everything Falls Apart 12) Signals from Above  

Black Flag

The following MP3 160 kbps soundfiles are from a 1982 board recording made at Phoenix's Calderon Ballroom, transferred from an old cassette.

Enjoy, but please balance your downloading karma by supporting SST's fine backcatalog and other BF related materials.

What Can You Believe (3.0 MB) Modern Man (9.1 MB)
Black Coffee (5.8 MB) No More (3.1 MB)
My War/Ive Heard it Before (7.8 MB) Nervous Breakdown (2.1 MB)
Depression (3.4 MB) My Rules (1.2 MB)
Beat My Head Against the Wall (2.4 MB) I Love You (3.8 MB)
Slip it In (6.4 MB MP3) Nothing Left Inside (8.5 MB)


The following board recordings were made at four shows, the first five when Conflict opened for Black Flag December 3, 1982, one with DOA at the Backstage November 17, 1982, and three on a bill with Hari Kari January 23, 1983. I've also tossed in the only known recording of a cover performed at the sparsely attended Husker Du show above, proving that Conflict was just Black Sabbath at 78 speed. (The "ironic punk cover" was just being invented in those days.)

Alcohol and a Knife (1.7 MB) White Skin (1.8 MB)
Right to Die (2.1 MB) Cookies (2.1 MB)
America's Right (1.6 MB) It's Easy (3.3 MB)
Human Cargo (2.2 MB) Black Sabbath (4.8 MB)
Not Guilty (3.0 MB)  

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Civil Death

Civil Death was Tucson's favorite hardcore band from 1981 until they dissolved in late 1984. Fronted by Lenny Mello (who went on to spend some time in GG Allen's band, currently of the Sophistifucks), the band featured Zach Hitner on guitar, Nick Johnoff on drums, and Joey on bass. A later incarnation included all around great crazy man Paul Young on guitar and Johnny Glue on bass. Zach and Nick, along with Karen, initially played together in a short lived version of Conflict in 1981 (Conflict reformed with a new guitarist in the fall of 1982). Lenny and Paul went on to form UPS (Useless Peices of Shit) after a brief stint as The Numbskulls. It should be noted that Zach created a good number of the Backstage flyers herein.

Unfortunately no "official" recordings exist, were released by Civil Death. The MP3s below, provided by Zach, are recordings made live to four track at the small practice space/house that many bands shared at the time (the "Johnny Seven House", NW corner of Columbus and Broadway). These low fi recordings give one a taste of Civil Death's sound, their ability to whip any crowd into a frenzy.

New Book (1.8 MB)

Massacre of Millions (1.8 MB)

No Fun (1.1 MB)

Paul Young (left) and Johnny Glue. Rest in Peace, Paul. (Photo by Ed Arnaud at the Backstage, 1983).

Click here for great photos of Civil Death live.


Interview with Voice Actor Billy West of Futurama, Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, et al fame

Audio files of my interview with genius, uber-talent Billy West on Brownian Motion, KZSU Stanford November 2005. Don't miss his take on the connection with Tuvan Throat singing and the voice of Popeye (!!!)


Radio Interview with George Hurchalla, author of "Going Underground: American Punk 1979-1992 "

Excellent historical account of the evolution, rise, of the uniquely American music genre "hardcore punk" by an audience member who lived it. Excellent photos/graphics, interviews accompany this unpretentious alternative to the celebrity memoires that abound.

Broadcast Jan 11, 2006 on Stanford University radio KZSU

More info, Zuo Press click here


Radio Interview with Dan Workman, recording engineer/record producer and the guitarist behind the infamous early 80's Texas band Culturcide. (info)

Irreverant scathing social commentary with music pioneering the best of tape manipulation, searing guitars, punk and industrial ethos, Culturcide is probably the most under-appreciated brilliant bands to ever arise as a by-product of the toxic media/music industry typified by the excesses of the Right-Wing Reagan era. They were arguably the first band to push the issues of Fair Use and art and, unlike Negativland, suffered for it.

Broadcast Jan 11, 2006 on Stanford University radio KZSU





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