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1984, Closing night of Madison Square Gardens, Phoenix. This little flyer, made by Michael Cornelius the original bassist for JFA, was handed out at the crazy show (see previous flyer). It accompanied the 7" that they produced for the event, was in fact the lyric sheet. Nice references to the chain link fence, the photos of the "wrastlers", the goddamned Phoenix PD. This was the last gig Michael played with JFA until their reformation in 1998 and release of Nowhere Blossoms.

Don't miss the photo below.


This just in from Brian, lead singer JFA, 3/29/06:

One point of correction though. You refer to JFA's "reformation" in 1998. The thing is that would apply that we broke up, which we never did. After Placebo went under, we basically dropped out of the radar screen because we didn't have the promotion from Tony Victor that we once did, but the fact is we kept on playing at various dives, parties, gigs, empty swimming pools, etc., though if you weren't there you probably didn't know it.

So what I'm trying to say is we have never broken up throughout our 25 year history, just never sold out...







Here's a photo taken by Ed Arnaud at a JFA performance in 1984 at the Stumble Inn down in Tucson. Brian is pictured with the bass player who replaced Michael (Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls). For more click on the photo.

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