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1983. GBH, "great big haircuts" as we called them (Grievous Bodily Harm, yeah yeah). All the way over from England. Kraut were from New York and D.R.I., from Texas, were still a blazing hardcore band, notorious for a 60 song/30 minute set (in the following years they turned to metal).

Mad Gardens. This place was an old wrestling venue from the '60's, complete with big framed black and white photos of wrastlers in full regalia all over the walls. The stage was the actual ring, complete with padded floor and ropes. The ring was enclosed by a near-ceiling high chain link fence, which I assume was built to keep people from throwing objects at the wrastlers when they taunted. The fence lent a "caged animal" effect to the bands when they performed, but it wasnt clear who was in the cage: the band or the audience, as the rabid kids would hang like frenzied monkeys from the chain links, high above the bands. The place was priceless, a classic piece of punk history for sure. For photos, see the cover of "This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks" LP (which features a great photo of The Mighty Sphincter) or the back cover of the recently released JFA compilation on Alternative Tentacles.





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