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1986. I guess Ness was "out of prison" at this time and starting his climb to fame and fortune. Not sure if he had kicked the junk by 1986 but the photo used for this flyer captures Ness in early 1984, a poster-boy for junkie delusions of rock star grandeur. Lesson for you kids: chase your dream forever and it will come true. Hats off, Mike Ness

Arthur Shane had a good working relationship with photographer Joseph Cultice, who set up a "photo booth" in the lobby of the notorious 1984 Temple show where this shot was taken (note the text at the bottom of this flyer). That was the night the Temple went down in flames. I lent my amp to Ness and when the power went out my half-stack Marshall "somehow" ended up in SD's van. I got it back but another lesson for you kids, never trust a junkie.




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