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This from Stuart Moss:

Party Gardens used to be an old wax museum. The only thing I remember about Party Gardens was they had a couple of thrash metal shows before the Suicidal Tendencies show (local favorites Flotsam and Jetsam played a show
or 2 with original bassist Jason Newstead before he joined Metallica. They were to thrash metal what JFA was to punk- loved by local fans and they played everywhere) and they closed the place down for live events. You can blame the local thrash metal fans for ruining that gig. Of course I'm sure any group of energetic teenagers as well as young adults would have made the owners decide to close it down. It re-opened again a few years later but was more of a teen after hours dance place. Closed again and then started having bands play live around 1995 or 1996. Funny, it made a full circle and punk bands performed there live (Face to Face, the Grabbers, early Phunk Junkees, I think NOFX, etc). Nothing like an outdoor venue in the middle of summer!.




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