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This is the flyer for the ill-fated show that closed the Temple forever.

Long story short: Place was managed by a psycho toting a rifle, though was leased by the promoter for the night. 12 year old awol girl's parents came looking for her, called the cops. Cops showed up and got less than friendly welcome by some dumb punks on the dance floor. Cops lose a radio during their assault on a punk, demand its return. Rumor about the gun gets spread. SWAT team called. Psycho gets pissed at crowd, lambastes them on the PA midway during SD's set. Punks give him a resounding fuck you. He goes and cuts the power. 500 mad punks in the dark, the cops getting veeeerrrry impatient, the SWAT team arrives. Building evacuated. End of temple.




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