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This is the backside of the Minor Threat flyer from 1983. Included as a curiosity, it also demonstrates how in order to save money flyers were often printed by the copy shop on the backside of "waste" paper. This elegant form of recycling now has the side effects of proving the originality of these flyers plus dishing up a healthy dose of nostalgia/irony; in this case, the charts of local AM radio station KTKT are printed. KTKT switched to an all news/talk format many years ago, but long time Tucsonans will remember KTKT, along with KIKX, for helping the rich local psyche scene in the 60's, and for influencing a generation of future musicians with their timely ecletic programming into the early 70's. This particular weekly chart is for March 25, 1983 and features Hall and Oats' "One on One" and Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" in the number 1 and 2 spots. Also in the top 10 are Jackson's "Beat It" and Lionel Richie's "You Are". Ugh...





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