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Original art by Howie Salmon. Giant Sandworms lost a member, became Giant Sandworm for a while, then lost another member and became Giant Sand.

The Cellar was a small space in the bottom floor of the UofA's original student union, across from the post office. Shows were held at noon. Bands ranging from The Violent Femmes, to The Necros, to Black Flag to Useless Pieces of Shit blasted it's walls, forcing the relocation of the post office and the eventual demise of live/loud music booking. Needlesstosay, it was great while it lasted. "Eat to the Beat"...

Pen Pendleton (Serfers, Jonny Seven, "came out of the woodwork" due to this website and sent me the following in an email Jan 6, 2005:

Going through your site was a blast, although the tyranny of Glory Days is never far beneath a trip through one's past. Eat to the Beat!! I started that! The things we forget. I also put on some nighttime shows in the Cellar including Black Flag with Dez and some new guy singing. My favorite night Cellar show was the Romantics who were so pissed about being in that little venue that they brought in ALL of their sound equipment and played at about 4500 decibels! Fuckheads thought they were the Rolling Stones or soomething. I also have all the issues of Howie Salmon's Slit magazine (and the best flyer he ever did for the Eat to the Beat shows, it was for a christian rock group and he showed jesus on the cross with a guitar slung over his shoulders - fucking brilliant. The Student Union management had my ass on that one!!).





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