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1982 gig. These guys moved to Phoenix in 1983 and changed their name to "Gentlemen After Dark". As trendy as that sounds (and this photo looks - Barry seems to have known...) they were actually quite good. They had that whole new romantic, Ultravox, early U2 sound/style down. Alice Cooper produced their later record but it failed to bring them fame and fortune. Too bad. Nice guys. Good band. They all went on to do interesting stuff in Phoenix and Tucson, to this day. Left to right: Fred, Brian Smith, Barry Smith, Robyn, Winston.

A previous incarnation of the Pills featured Mark Smythe (former Isaiah). Their sound was more LA new-wave punk than London New Romantic. Mark went on to form Jonny Sevin with Lee Joseph and Joe Dodge (who went on to form Yard Trauma) with Pen Pendleton on drums.

Chances was primarily a dance club way the hell out on the east side of Tucson (Tanque Verde and Kolb). It was one of the only clubs that would dare to play "new wave" on select nights, bringing out the healthy underside of Tucson's music scene.






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