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"New Wave doesn't mean shit"


Marginally talented exploiters of the latest LA trend, this band wrote a few really catchy tunes, on par with The Knack. Unfortunately for them (and us) their legacy forever will be an annoying beer commercial.

This is large scale, 11x17, promotional material. I snagged it off a pole after the show. I liked them, at least until the show, where a Nazi bouncer ringed my neck for being too enthusiastic and I took a close look and identified them as maximal poseurs.

Wildcat House hosted gigs that were larger than the usual. At the time they somehow inherited the money-making weekly "New Wave Night", when a dj would spin good music and "weirdos" would make their pilgrimage. Mind you, in a town where music sources and venues were scant some of us would wait each week for any excuse/venue to hear music that we couldnt experience anywhere else. And of course see girls and boys who were cute in an "out there" sense, i.e. didnt sport mullets or fuck-me bangs.

Probably hard to imagine in todays world of "endless choices and sources".

Before the Cat House, Chances had the best "New Wave Night", then The Stumble Inn soon became the place to go as they transitioned from a cowboy bar to a really strange eclectic joint.






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