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Tribute to Tucson musician, stalwart, Paul Young

Ed Arnaud's Gallery of photos taken at associated gigs in Tucson in the years 1982-84.

suicidal tendencies

George Hurchalla's book, Going Underground: American Punk 1977-1992, featuring excellent narrative, photos and graphics

Brownian Motion, the weekly radio show I do on Stanford University's KZSU


Tucson Related Links, Music, Art, etc.


Disillusion Records. Record label run by Slug, former UPS, Corporate Whores, et al featuring great re-releases of aforementioned and other great Tucson bands. There are also great old photos and other features at this site. Must see!

Tucson?. Website chok full of classic flyers, photos and MP3s of mid-late 80's Tucson hardcore. Pick up where Shavedneck leaves off, see why bands like U.P.S., Opinion Zero, F.U.C.T., Bloodspasm, WSB got banned from playing at the UofA . Hear the bands you wont be seeing at any lovefest reunions at "Club C." very soon. Fuck shit up!

AZ Local. Archive of Arizona bands 1979 to present, with heaping helpings of the bygone underappreciated. Leaning on the Phoenix side this site has great photos and links when available. A great work in progress.

Knockout Pills. Carrying the torch of Tucson punk, this great band has a great website with good links and a message board for all your Tucson punk needs.

Clusterfuck. More great Tucson punk, with a smart website and some great live videos of them. Slap a dumb kid or two.

Toxic Ranch Records. Besides being a great independant punk oriented record store they feature live in-store performances, sell tons of great crap and have a kick-ass website that features photo galleries and their history, tracing their roots with the great punk label Toxic Shock and the O.C. punk scene. Make sure you check out the "Punk Rock Tombstones".

HIGH and DRY is a feature-length documentary exploring the myth and music of Tucson, AZ.

Early 80's punk/new wave bands of Arizona/Rocky Mountain Time Zone

JFA lives! This is the singer Brian's site dedicated to the band, with info on their past and present recordings and a ton of great stories, flyers, photos, and you-name-it related to the whole hardcore skatepunk phenom.

Tucson Roller Derby! Roller derby is back in force, thanks to the everlasting weirdo punker rock and roller element that always makes Tucson liveable. Check out this site, especially the photos where you may find the face of some local old school hardcore punker stalwarts. The early 80's had the Tucson Terrors (a tongue-in-buttcheek female wrestling "club" composed of mostly tough punk girls), but now its evolved to yet a higher, weirder, standard. Lo mejor!

Conflict, JFA, Meat Puppets, Useless Pieces of Shit, as presented by Kill From the Heart

The Mighty Sphincter! Phoenix band of old, all you ever wanted to know... Check out this amazing history of the band and how members of just about every band of import pee'ed in their gene pool. This site also contains a healthy dose of Phoenix punk/music history, great links and flyers too.

Slice of Tucson Musicians 1982-83 Part of the "Sa-Wa-Ro" website, this is a track and personel listing of a cassette released by KLPX's Virgin Vinyl host Jonathan L. in 1983 and contains a veritable "who's who"

Sa-Wa-Ro This site ("saguaro", as in the lovely giant cactus) features info on a plethora of Tucson related bands, past and present.

Chuck7 website, excellent photos and stream of conciousness by a real live desert rat Tucsonan. Be sure to check his new blog too, replete with wisdom and timely observations this is one of the best blogs on the web.

Solar Culture, Tucson art and music venue founded and run by Steve Eye, old school punk/artist/teacher, open to booking interesting music.

Vaudeville, another current Tucson club that books interesting music, run by Noel, someone who was present at a hell of a lot of the Backstage gigs herein.

Magic Carpet Miniature Golf. This hilarious photo-essay documents a place where old school Tucsonans spent many a warm evening enjoying a fantasy filled dream world. This site takes you on "course A", hole by hole, peeling back the asbestos. Tucson was a different place in 1972, before rich people discovered it.

KWFM Tucson 1970-77 was a preeminent radio station in the new FM "album oriented" realm where a band of hippies and non-conformists tested and refined a new commercial paradigm in music, proving that there was an audience for the non-mainstream and entire album sides. Voted by Rolling Stone into the top ten of FM stations in 1978, their success foreshadowed the popularity/demise of FM broadcasting as they quickly sold out to larger media conglomerates. Even so, at the time they didnt nearly resemble the Clear Channel clones existent today.


More Flyers!

The Facebook group "AZ H.I.P. Flyers 1977- " is an open forum collection that makes possible easy contributions by any member and is archiving all punk related flyers and memorabilia. Highly recommended. This is the excuse you've needed to join Facebook (its not a pod, I swear, you will be assimiliated, resistance is futile, we have assumed control, we have assumed control, we have assumed control...)

Center For Punk Arts . Gives an excellent run down on flyers, their making, significance, everything.

Ratsound. Kick ass flyers scratchin the itch that you vermin infested old punks have, will always have (hate to tell ya)

Stardoom Labs The best flyer archive I've seen on the web. Well done, pretty, and chok full of great flyers ranging from the early 80's into the 90's, concentrating on California, Nevada (Las Vegas) and Utah.

Brian from JFAs collection of some real beauties

Raymond Pettibon art for Black Flag flyers small but good dose

Late 70's LA related flyers and album art

Chuckie Boy Records' Flyers of the West Coast

Old School LA stuff, mostly Goldenvoice but a bunch of gems

Atakra: a handful of excellent old Phoenix flyers and a history of The Mighty Sphincter (see links left)

Excellent article about Raymond Pettibon

Music, Punk Rock

Alice, from Brasilia (the capitol city of Brasil, pretty much dead center in the enormous country) sent me the link to her great blog that specializes in Brasilian punk made by or including women.

Brendan has photos and info on his early 80's Phoenix band Jr Chemists as well as others. Meat Puppets, Prefix, photos of Don and Michael pre-JFA, ca. 1980. Great stuff, great website.

My Radio interview with John Trubee of the Ugly Janitors of America, 2004

Here's a bunch of great You Tube links George Hurchalla sent long before that website became popular.

Bloodsisters, ex-KZSU'er Hannah Mae's excellent directory of women in heavy music

Kill from the Heart Excellent source of information on old hardcore, punk

My Radio interview with Exene Cervenka, 2002

TCPunk Every place should have as good a resource on all things punk/music as the twin cities, Minneapolis/St Paul do.

Murray Bowles' Photography Tons of great photos of old hardcore bands (the old Green Day photos definately win the "where are they now" catagory). Don't stop there as this notorious Bay Area photographer has a ton of picts, far and wide, new and old, many of which you might recognize from album covers to books.

The Clash Blog. Tim's excellent blog/site dedicated to The Clash but so much more. Punk, art, gig and trivia. Don't miss another labor of love.

Strange, Cool, Otherwise Important Stuff

(Your favorite guitar god) SHREDS. Easily the funniest thing on Youtube. It helps to be a guitar player /music geek to be "in on the joke". My favorite is the spoof on Carlos Santana, but the Jake E. Lee with Ozzy clapping probably takes the cake. Or Eddie Van Halen struggling with Smoke on the Water.

Rock and Roll Confidential Hall of Douchebags proving why your band should never take an 8x10 glossy

Skaterock, an excellent site run by Michael Cornelius, original bassist for JFA, the quintessential skatepunk band from Tempe.

AK Press Excellent publications as well as music/spoken word releases, left leaning anarcho progressiveness.

Dogeatdog. Just check it out. You'll be glad you did.

Nettie's Pierogies . Authentic Ukrainian recipes for Pierogi, Borscht, Cabbage Rolls. From my mom, who's not living anymore.

Radio, Music Sources

Pukenvomit Records features great re-releases of foundation hardcore plus new bands that take it all to the next level.

AnAmericanPunkInSuburbia blog. Good eye/ear for obscure hardcore with excellent MP3 downloads. A must.

KZSU Music Database. DJ playlists, charts, CD reviews. Stanford radio's excellent useful music site
Alternative Tentacles Jello Biafras long standing record label featuring the best music, spoken word, performance, with political and subversive slants.
Sonic Overload Boston area Allston-Brighton Free Radio DJ Al's webpage containing archived radio shows, playlists, featuring interesting obscure punk and heavy or otherwise influential music.

Brownian Motion is the name of the weekly radio show that I do on Stanford's radio station KZSU. Get an aural spanking every Wednesday from 6 to 9pm PST either online or at 90.1 FM when in the San Francisco bay area (or download weekly archive "podcasts" of the show).

Mister Records,
Load Records, Deathbomb Arc Records, are three labels where you can close your eyes and pick any artist in their catalogs and be guaranteed a challenging rollercoaster ride of a listen.

Streaming internet radio:




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