Thanks for all your feedback. The best thing about this website has been communicating with all the fine people who have "come out of the woodwork". Especially people like Arthur Shane, Zach Hitner, Billy Broadfoot, Jen McLellan, Taylor Winsted, Joe Byrnes, Emmet Penny, Lisa Laplaca, Shylow Pryor and Ed Arnaud who have contributed their knowledge, talent and resources. All have been extremely kind and positive, and some even have been lost lost friends and aquaintences.

Below I've posted emails of note, in reverse chronological order. I've done my best to cut out email addresses so as to thwart spambots and last names so as to protect privacy (unless you have/had a key role in the Tucson scene or this site!)

Thanks! -bill

"buickrob" made and posted this animated gif to the AZPUNK message board 5/31/05. Thanks!


(Joel Few sent me this account of a Dicks reunion show Septemeber 2, 2004 at The Eagle Tavern, San Francisco. Be sure to follow the link at the end for great photos documenting the night)

Joel Few" <>
Subject: Re: hello from another Tucson punker
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 08:25:54 +0000

Dicks at Eagle Tavern, Sept 2

Review by Joel Few.

First may I say that I offered to buy Travis a plane ticket to see this show because he's the guy that turned me on to the Dicks when we were in high school. He couldn't though on account of he has bronchitis, but I would gladly have forked over 200 bucks to have my old pal with me to see this show. Aw shucks.

So I had some friends that were all supposed to be going but I wasn't about to wait around for their asses just to arrive at a sold out show, so I went down there myself around 9:15. Actually it wasn't too bad at all. No line and not too too many people there yet. I got a Jamesons on the rocks and soon enough found Krispy and Sam Atakra. The mood was jovial as it usually is at the Eagle, which is apparently a favorite hangout spot for Gary FLoyd. I'd wondered a few times if I might see him there, grinnin' and bearin' it. (get it? BEARIN' IT!?) It turns out I've probably seen him there more than once without even recognizing him. So we joked around a little bit and tried to get Hector and Sean Bell on the horn, but no luck. (Dude, you missed it!)

Then we heard the first band warming up and went in to check em out. It said on the bill they were called Gary Floyd's Hard Again, so I figured it was gonna be Gary Floyd and a bear band doing some hard ass blues or something and I was correct. I saw the bears all right- Doug the booker/bartender on guitar, looking burly as usual with his yellow shooting glasses and big goatee, a big bald dude on bass, etc, then this little skinny man in an orange shirt and a straw cowboy hat hauled himself on stage and started fucking with the mike stand. I gave him a closer look and realized that it was fuckin Gary Floyd! He's lost all his chubs and looks very different now. But he sure sounds the same. The music was so so, and with a different singer it might have been boring, but Gary Floyd has the soul of 13 Aretha Franklins and can sing some heavy, heavy love songs. I'm glad I wasn't the baby that left him alone, that's for sure. The best line was "I'm goin' down to Dallas baby with my razor and my gun... there's so many people want trouble, I know I'll find me some"

After Gary FLoyd's Hard Again I found out that this show was gonna have the original Texas line up except for the one guy that died a few years ago. The second band had all of em I guess, but the only one I could recognize was the bass player Buxf who looked tough as ever pickin a banjo. They played some good country music, and everybody seemed to rock to it, but you could tell the crowd was just waiting til the Dicks got on. I stayed right up front as they wound down their set so I would have a good spot. They finally got all set up, but kept dicking around and it was super squished right up front. The Eagle kinda sucks that way. They kept on standing around and talking so finally I grabbed the mike and was like what the fuck, come on and play! so after he yelled at everybody not to rush the stage they fuckin started burnin!! Hearing Floyd start belting out when I see ya walkin down the street, it's so hard to take come on and gimme a break, everybody was rocking THE FUCK OUT!! it was so kick ass, everybody was singing along to all the words. I can't remember all the songs they played, but they played Rich Daddy and Lifetime Problems and Pigs Run Wild and Dead in a Motel Room. They didn't play No Fuckin War though which bummed me out because of all times to rage out that song... it's almost more relevant than it was in 1984. I kept hollering as loud as I could for them to play it too. WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN... ANOTHER WAR TO WIN... Also they didn't play hardly anything off their second album which kind of sucked, because it's a great record. They also didn't play Little Boys' Feet which I was glad of because fuck Turbonegro and the stupid TurboJugend dorks. There was one guy there who was actually wearing a sailor cap. nerd alert nerd alert nerd alert

There was a couple minor fights- it was so crowded that everybody just got a little excited. I got in some fucker's face myself actually. The two shirtless, smiling muscle men holding up one of the PA speakers did their best to keep the vibe friendly though. The best part was when I had to pick up David Yow by the armpits when he started passing out and falling under everybody's feet. Then he went on stage and sang part of a song with Gary Floyd but ran away after a minute and Gary FLoyd said David YOw you ain't shit man!

After they finished playing me and Michaela went up to Gary FLoyd to say good show and stuff but since I was drunk I said some stupid shit about George Jackson and he ignored me and started talking to Jello Biafra. Stupid huh

Then when I was leaving I saw 14 cop cars pull over one car and pull tons of pistols and shotguns on the poor fucks inside and the cop dogs were barking with excitement.

I'm gonna pick up a big ole razor blade
and say goodnight to the world
you're so mean to me
I wanna dance dance dance dance

The End


Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007
From: "Arthur Shane" xxxxxx

Subject: Dog Gagging Again

Arthur in PHX here.
In the Process of a major purge of the GAGGING DOG back onto the population.
No, nothing new in 22 years, just a reprint of the past horrors. My Idea was to reprint one
issue of G.D. to give the kids a kick and fun to see it again. Rusty, G.D. incarnate, is in
the L.A. area......when I mentioned a quick reprint of a G.D. Rusty said, "Think Big."
So, I had G.D. shirts done again without telling anyone untill I could show them one
and say, "Want one?" Red ink on all cotton Black. I have been gouging the locals $5
each. Same Art as cover of #8 plus large GAGGING above and DOG below.
Next up, a total reprint of G.D. 1-8 plus the partially done and unreleased #9.
We'll be waiting for Rusty to dig out all surviving pages of #9, the rest is already done -
20+ years ago.
I also did PHX flyers for the Victor Brothers 1985 - 87. You already have a few.
Remember getting tired of weaseling onto "pest lists" like an addict for free drugs, so
I talked Tony & Nick into letting me do flyer Art and get into anything free.
Send me your address and I'll make copies from the 'masters', still have most of
the originals. You can do the computer scanning if you like.....I like solid copies !
---------------------On to quality drinking time,

(note from bill c.: GD t-shirts are not generally available at this time (2-10-07), however if you are interested drop me a line and i can forward it to arthur so he can see what he can do.)


Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006
From: "RC" <>
Subject: Paul Young

Damn man:
I stumbled across your site hoping to find some old shit on the Tucson scene. I have been out of touch for years bouncing around and fighting off dope addiction. Paul mother-fucking Young. Damn. I first met him at Zip's records in the old Park Mall. We just started bullshitting and he invited me to some house party. I think it was like 1980. Maybe even 1979. To most people Paul could seem like the biggest asshole on the planet, but to those of us who got to know was his fucking sense of humor that came out most often. I remember a a Blood Spasm gig or maybe Opinion Zero (my brain kind of blends shit together these days) and the guys were rocking out their serious hardcore shit...and Paul was reciting lines from Robert Plant in "The Song remains The Same". Does anyone remember laughter...

Anyway, thanks for keeping all this stuff around. I have a lot of good and bad (D. Boone's death) memories of Tucson. Do you remember Wrex records over on Broadway and Plummer(?)...there were a lot of gigs played there.



From: "Fonda I....." <>
Subject: Tucson Hardcore
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006

Hi Bill,

Do I know you??? My name is Fonda and I used to manage UPS, I was part of THC who put on most of the shows. I was in the scene from around 1980…..oh yeah I guess I still am J I have tons of this stuff, in fact I still own the t-shirt Lenny is wearing in the Civil Death shots (hand painted by Bruce Lee of Tribal Dragon tattoo, they did most everyones tattoos in the early punk crowd, I worked in the shop). I still have some UPS shirts too as I used to help Lenny make them. I still see Lenny and Phil all the time, along with a lot of the old gang that are still in Tucson and Phoenix . If you would like to get ahold of more pictures and flyers let me know as I have them all some place, I just moved and ran across them while I was packing.

Great site, those were the days!!!


(yeah, an ode to shakey memories. Fonda knew me, but that was 24 years ago. It not like we "hanged out" but Fonda would remember me if Reagan was still president and Wally Sevitz still had TV commercials on in Tucson inciting us all to "Call For Wally"...

-bill c. shavedneck)


From: "Stuart Moss"xxxxx
Subject: flyers from the early 80's
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006


Excellent site you have here. I grew up in the Phoenix punk scene from 1983 until present. Still see a few shows here and there. I have some great flyers if you would like some copies to add to your site. Examples include the last Mad Gardens show with the flyer for the words of Mad Gardens by JFA (passed out during the show). The short lived career of the Temple (Circle Jerks, Butthole Surfers, Social Distortion and a couple more) as well as a bunch of Knights of Pythius flyers. Let me know if they are of any interest.

Take care and thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories!

Stuart Moss


From: billxcase@xxxxxxx
Subject: I came for the Conflict!
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006

I stumbled upon your site from a blog and was after some Conflict MP3s
and to my much more!! Great job!!

I have one question, one of the Conflict shows was with Hari you
have Hari Kari MP3s from that show(any show) off the board??? I would
love to get my hands on those. I got a listed of their demo from "An American
Punk In Suburbia" blog...and thought it was some great stuff...any help would
be greatly appreciated!!!

Civil Death...ALSO...good stuff!!!

thanks for keeping it alive


(nope, sorry, no hari kari off the board -Bill C. shavedneck)


From: "mark e..."
Subject: Flyers
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006

Biil, Great fucking job on the website. I happened to come across it
after seeing J.F.A. play up here in Mesa about a month ago(kick ass show).
Anyways a little after that I became a little nostalgic and googled Tucson
hardcore and your site came up. I was so blown away by the history of our scene
in the 80's. I grew up in tucson and hung around all the usual suspects
Paul Young(R.I.P you bad mother fucker)Joe E. Furno(Wrex Records) John
Glue, Lankford, Ratt, Trash,Gob and too many others to name. The reason I'm
writing is to let you know that I have a ton of flyers and some
newspaper articles and a couple of zines that are not on your site. I would like
to make a trip to Tucson and see if you can help me scan them if you'd
like. I believe that what I own can be of some value to your site and that
perhaps it can bring someone the memories of a simpler and better time such as
what your site has done for me. Thanks for your time

Mark "Yogi" E.


From: Daniel ********
To: billc@*******.com
Subject: great site!
Date: Sat, 15


Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website detailing the history of hardcore punk. I'm only 21 years old, but this is still the music I grew up with, believe it or not. My uncle, currently the lead guitarist for the Seattle-based group "Potty Mouth Society," turned me onto "hardcore punk" back when I was about 12. Now, I've never been much of an active player in the punk scene, and I currently listen to a lot more "mainstream" stuff like older opera, bebop jazz and the like, but it sure is fun to sit back and listen to some of the old records once in a while. Your radio show is awesome, the Black Flag bootleg is great (Seriously, I used to worship Black Flag) and it's really a lot of fun to listen to. I think we all need more of this music in our lives to keep ourselves from becoming too full of ourselves.

-Dan E******


Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006
Subject: JFA
From: "Brian" <brianjfa@**********.net>
To: billc@*********.com


Brian from JFA here. Ran across your flyers page and was checking it out. Some good stuff my man. Especially the Mad Gardens stuff!

One point of correction though. You refer to JFA's "reformation" in 1998. The thing is that would apply that we broke up, which we never did. After Placebo went under, we basically dropped out of the radar screen because we didn't have the promotion from Tony Victor that we once did, but the fact is we kept on playing at various dives, parties, gigs, empty swimming pools, etc., though if you weren't there you probably didn't know it.

So what I'm trying to say is we have never broken up throughout our 25 year history, just never sold out...



From: "Randy McReynolds"
To: BILLC@*******.COM
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006

Hey Bill,  It's Randy McReynolds. I still remember most of those shows. I still tell stories about the Black Flag show. Henry did handstand push-ups backstage to get pumped for the show. I looked at Ed's pix from that show and I remember that P.A.. Thanks for the memories.
P.S. Trixy sez HI.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: randy ran sound for almost all the hardcore shows held at the backstage from '81 til its demise. everyone was assured that if randy was behind the board the mix was going to be top notch. like the rest of us randy did this out of dedication, not for money. and his integrity radiated through the mix. randy went on to run a legendary studio, 7n7, in tucson through the early 90's, partnering with Craig Schumacher and giving voice to early incarnations of Calexico, Blacky Ranchette, and Giant Sand. randy was by far one of the finest soundmen ever.



To: ****
From: "Markus M******" <mmuell@*********.org>
Subject: great site!
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006

hi there,

just wanted to thank you for putting up all this great old timey stuff. i grew up on punk/hc and especially bands from the us like black flag, bad brains, dk's, hüskers etc.

i'm not from phoenix or even the states, in fact i'm from germoney.

can't wait for the rest of hüsker dü!

keep it up, man !

regards from deutschland



Date: December 28, 2005

Well son of a fug! Check it out: Shavedneck was one of Yahoo!'s "picks of the year" for 2005! I think thats pretty cool considering that everything I know about making a website, "code" and all this (still mysterious) crap I learned as I went along.



Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005 14:33:56 -0400
From: tobias@punk.*****.org
To: billc@**********
Subject: Black flag

Hey I just wanted to mention that the show you put the recording up for is mentioned in Henry Rollin's book "GET IN THE VAN" It's on page 55. He talks about how they played a lot of new material and it pissed people off. I personally think this set captures the best of both black flag worlds. It's a really good mix of my two favorite styles that band plays.

Anyway really appreciate it.

Oh and you have the song "beat my head against the wall" marked "back up against the wall".



Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 03:28:06 -0700
From: "Michael Brooks" <beatmichael@******com>
To: billc@********
Subject: punk rock flyer site

Hi there,
Nice site. I remember that stuff! Though I was/am a Phoenix boy. I had all those Gagging Dogs and many of the other local zines, plus a sizable collection of Flipsides and MRR's. I say I had them. Until an ex-girlfriend chucked 'em while I was at work one day several years ago. She was obviously not a connoisseur of early '80s punk rock.
I remember seeing Conflict lots of times back then. I always dug the band. I was in my own female fronted (and female bassist) band at the time, though we were a little younger and didn't last that long. We did play Tucson once. I can't remember the name of the club, but I think there is a mention and a (small) photo in one of those Gagging Dog issues. The band was called Creeping Senility. We played a handful of shows up in Phx. mainly at the Jar and some of the VFW halls....
I have such fond memories of the old AZ punk scene. At least many of my fliers survived.
I went on to form/play guitar in Phx's Beat Angels with Tucson's favorite son, Brian Smith. Ha.
Nice pic of the Pills.
Happy Holidays...

From: "john s********" <gr3atm3linko@********com>
To: billc@**********
Subject: love the site bro.....
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 22:00:12 -0500

Dude you rule.... groin up in Toostoned was a bitch, thank satan for the scene. Those pics of civil Death are the shit... I'm a little too young (No pun intented, that'd be fuct) to have gone to those shows but I know Lenny and Johnny. Johnny has a "My Space" site and the last time I saw Lenny he gave me some Salvia Denorum? Bad ass bro, I got a grip of flyers from my gen., I'll mail you copies if yer interested. Shit like Denial, Suspended Animation, Blood Spasm, and Fuct. Let me know....AZHC!Kepp the sceene a positive and ever growing place for kids to express themselves!!!


From: "Emmet P*****" <emmet_2000@*******> 
To: BillC@sha**********
Subject: The untitled Black Flag tracks
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 22:48:22 -0500

For the 1982 show (which is fucking amazing; thank you for putting the whole thing up!) you're missing a few track titles, and i've figured them out as follows

Track 7 is Modern Man
Track 8 is Three Nights (i'm just a little iffy about this one.)
Track 11 is My Rules
and Tracks 14 and 15 are just one extended jam of Nothing Left Inside

I still can't figure out what Track 1 is, though. It's probably because i don't own their whole discography(but i'm working on it).

Anyway, you can double check those if you'd like. Thanks for putting these tracks up, it means a lot to me since there's no way in hell i'll ever see anyone perform these songs anywhere like they were performed on this tape. I'm 17, and just missed out on the Rollins Band Rise Above tour filled with Black Flag goodness.

Civil Death and Conflict are pretty sweet too, i especially dig New Book and Right to Die, respectively.

Thanks again,

(thanks emmet, duly noted -Bill)


Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 14:28:09 -0500
From: mwscholtz@****** 
Subject: link error
To: billc@sh********om

hi - LOVE your website!  (PCL linkdump pointed me your direction).  while looking around, i found that the link for the third Black Flag track (my war etc.) doesn't work.  thought i'd let you know so you could fix it.  i tried typing in a couple variants and couldn't figure it out myself.  thanks again. - mike

(All fixed, thanks Mike- Bill)


Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 00:48:54 -0500
From: "Buske DNA | Act:Won Design" <buske@**********.com>
Subject: Black Flag
To: billc@***********

Hey, Bill...

Great job on the site, it was an awesome find on a boring Friday night. The live Black Flag set you have some songs posted from is intense. I writing to see if you have the entire set in mp3 form. If so, I'd love to get a copy from you. It's by far one of the best live sets I've heard from them. Let me know. Thanks, and again... keep up the good work.

Jonathan B*****| Act:Won Design


From: "Al R*******" <redwazzo@*******.com>
To: billc@sh***********
Subject: subhumans
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 17:45:11 +0000

Hi Bill,

Just spent an enjoyable hour checkin all those old flyers, I was runnin a fanzine in the UK not long after that - 86 or 85 - and was in contact with a lot of those late hardcore and early thrash/crossover bands, got a big thrill thinkin about the gigs, passed the page along to Pete test tube who always likes to see stuff about the band from those tyimes, he said it was a great gig.

One thing, I think you got a bit mixed up about, The Subhumans and The UK Subs are 2 very different bands, The UK Subs were ,and indeed still are more of an Oi band, led by the legendary Charlie Harper, Check out their back catalogue for some great snotty punk rock.




Date: 11 Jul 2005 22:32:53 -0700
Subject: Hello
From: "Doug Biggers" <dbiggers@******.net>
To: billc@*******.com


Was searching the web for info about Jon Rosen, former publisher of the Newsreal (aka the Mountain Newsreal), and ran across your site.

Minor correction: Tucson Weekly began publishing in February 1984, not 1986. Newsreal was still publishing at the time, but it never published more than 12 issues annually; in other words, it was a monthly, not a weekly. It ceased publication within a few months of the debut of Tucson Weekly, mainly because the Rosens were exhausted.

I worked for Jon Rosen and his wife Jan for a couple years right out of high school. Interesting times they were (met Ed Abbey at the Newsreal office and a pie-throwing Yippie who inspired me to engineer the successful pie-ing of William F. Buckely when he spoke at the UA).




Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 19:24:57 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
From: deedlydee@*******.net
To: billc@*****com
Subject: amazing what you'll find on the web


There's a picture of me playing punk rock 20 years ago on your site!



Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 21:36:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: "dirtyfaceangels" <leavin********@ya***.com>
Subject: Wow

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. We all have those times in our life that were special. I was just surfing for fun and typed in gagging dog. Rusty worked with my mother at Motorola and i was a young punk from Mesa. He thought it was cool and used to give me copies of his rag. I used to live for each copy to come out. I was to young for alot of shows then so thats how i knew if they were any good. I would wait for the issues and go down to tempe to happy trails and buy any vinyl i could . my mom hated it but really thought alot of Rusty. Thanks for the memories.


Subject: the website..
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 07:11:07 -0000
From: Richard***@********
To: billc@*********.com

Okay I am STUNNED…..
            Here I am halfway around the world and I see flyers that were on my wall in 83-84. I remember going to one or two of them (I was still in High School.) Zach was 2 years ahead of me at University High (that was on the campus of Tucson High) I remember ditching school and going to “Roads to Moscow” and hanging out. I made it to the may 13th Black Flag show (the night after my 16th b-day) and I also tried (unsuccessfully) to see them at the stumble inn for the my war tour..of course they played the next day at the student union and I hung around and got to talk to Henry and then I rode with them down to the Chicago Store to look for something..
Thank you for the memories. And the MP3’s. I used to have the valley fever compilation on cassette and that was all the conflict that I had. Now I have more..i think I have a paper and a postcard that Splat made from the student union where furniture was moved and food was thrown at a UPS gig..when I get back from this hellhole I will scan them and send them to you…


Wed, 6 Apr 2005 18:16:40 -0700 (PDT)
From:"WDN" <wdn20**@*********.com
Subject: Great Site

Hey Bill,
Just doing some random surfing when I came across your site. The LA
flyers sure brought back a lot of memories. I was always trying to get
a band together down in the OC area and driving up to LA and Hollywood
for the shows. I had three walls covered with flyers back in the day.
If I still had them, I'd scan them all and send them to you.
Those were great days, thanks for keeping them alive.



Check it out! Shavedneck was the "Yahoo Pick of the Day" for April 4, 2005.


To: billc@******
Subject: Thanks for the info..
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 20:37:50 -0700

Hey Billy-

Great site, stumbled across it a few months ago while doing some research about Steveo-era Vandals. Your site was the only hit I got for stevo and vandals.  Classic lineup. I was at alot of those shows. I only remember the Circle Jerks playing once. Some time around '82(backstage). It was great. Keith got mad and walked off a few songs into it. The rest of the guys wanted to play and asked for a singer. My friend Chirs Montague jumped on the stage and belted out the rest of the set. He as a clean cut sophomore jocko kid. He nailed it. Best part was watching the _expression on Greg's face. He was blown away. Another great show was TSOL. Dont think it was the '83 show you have the flyer for. Rick and Frank Agnew played with them. Rick on guitar, Frank on Drums. Their drummer had a broken hand. They kept him locked in the Uhaul on the trip. He broke his hand trying to get out to take a piss. They did not get paid. They stopped by a party at Jon Mink's house after(The pool was drained and bands were playing in the deep end). Man, those pictures of Nick! I always remember thinking of him as an old-dude. Looks like a kid now. Its been at least 10 years since I last talked to him. Anyway, thanks for putting all this stuff together. Hope you are well.

Brian L*****


"Debora K***" <partylines@***********.net>
Subject: Wicked Website!
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:56:51 -0500

Love your Tucson/Phx punk show site. I just cruised through the flyers and picked out a bunch of gigs I experienced way back when. It was great to see the 'Conflict' photo -- I used to know Karen back in the days of "The Tampon Eaters."
Keep up the great work, I've recced your site to a bunch of folk. If you talk to Karen, tell her "Godetia" says hi.


Date:Sun, 23 Jan 2005 21:50:37 -0800 (PST)
From:"Scott K****" <scottk********>  Add to Address Book
Subject: Loved the site

I was walking down the street with my dog the other day and I hear this loud poorly played music from down the street. I go to investigate and there are these kids jamming in their parents garage. Anyways, to make a long story short, I became the "cool old punk rock guy" from down the street. So, I recently busted out the old vinyl, and what I have on my hard drive, to turn these kids on to some "old school" and I was searching the web for old pics (for cd cases) and BAM there was your site. If I remember correctly, I think I have some old flyers stuck between some records and a buddy of mine has some stapled up in his garage. If I find anything worthwhile, I'll scan them and pass them your way. Would mainly be LA and Nardcore bands ...


From: "Pen Pendleton" <ppendleton@*******.com>
Subject: Re: Tucson Punk Stuff
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 10:57:48 -0800
To: "burl slabs" <******>
It's funny, AFTER I sent my email, I was looking at the site and saw your history and figured that we must have met. I kinda forgot about the Conflict show in East LA - that was wild. You got punched on Overland?!!! That seems odd in that I think I saw two pedestrians on Overland the entire time I lived there. Seems like the odds were to get punched at an a hard core show in East LA - go figure. (The Overland pad however was great for visiting Tucsonians because the directions were easy: 10 East. Overland Exit, left. 3340.) I kept in touch with Nick very closely for years out here, and we were neighbors for a few years too, but I moved out of the neighborhood 5 years ago and lost touch.Coincidentally, I went into his work a few weeks ago only to find him gone and moved out of state (and retired!). I was bummed. If you have an email address for him, let me know. Going throughyour site was a blast, although the tyranny of Glory Days is never far beneath a trip through one's past. Eat to the Beat!! I started that! The things we forget. I also put on some nighttime shows in the Cellar including Black Flag with Dez and some new guy singing. My favorite night Cellar show was the Romantics who were so pissed about being in that little venue that they brought in ALL of their sound equipment and played at about 4500 decibels! Fuckheads thought they were the Rolling Stones or soomething. I also have all the issues of Howie Salmon's Slit magazine (and the best flyer he ever did for the Eat to the Beat shows, it was for a christian rock group and he showed jesus on the cross with a guitar slung over his shoulders - fucking brilliant. The Student Union management had my ass on that one!!).


From:"Pen Pendleton" <ppendleton@********.com>
Subject: Tucson Punk Stuff
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 16:28:20 -0800

Hey, any interest in pre-82 (when I left) punk stuff (flyers, etc.) I have the first flyer for the first ever punk rock show in tucson!! Pedestrians, Suspects, Z-9, Serfers (79-81) to Jonny Sevin (81-82).

Pen Pendleton
(former drummer of suspects and johnny sevin)



Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 09:36:30 -0600
Subject: Wow
From: "Roggie B*** ***" <roggie@******.com>
To: billc@*******.com

I just found your site and feel like I had a high school reunion! Thanks.


From: "Samuel R****" <sd78@******.fr>
To: billc@sh*****
Subject: AZ Punk/HC
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 13:47:57 +0100

I discovered your webpage last week, really awesome ! I wasn't part of that scene though, i'm too young and far away (I'm from France) but as you mention it on your page, this is part of history now, and like many others i'm deeply into this kind of stuff (international 80's hc/punk) now i won't be able to help you a lot as you can guess. Also as you were part of CONFLICT, a great band a bit forgotten nowadays, I thought you surely still have some stuff from back then, like live stuff, demos or rehearsals I'm looking for other bands from AZ, like : CIVIL DEATH (anything), CORPORATE WHORES (anything), U.P.S. (Demo 1984), REVENGE OF THE WHORES (Demo 1983), now there were probably several of others, but haven't heard about them yet. My main goal is to find some rare recordings (usually from tapes) so i have a trade list full of international stuff (some very hard to find), I can send you this list at you want.
See you,


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 12:05:00 -0800 (PST)
From: "gordy a*****" <stokedmofo13@********.com>
Subject: Jerry's Kidz
To: billc@sh*****

Fucking A!!!!!
Bill, this is Gordy from Jerry's Kidz, Albuquerque. The guy you stayed with and listened to Grand Master Flash with that night oh, so long ago! And yeah, Jerry's Kidz played Tucson a few times. That flyer was when we toured for a few weeks with Social D. You are correct, they ALWAYS sucked live! We had played with y'all and them the night before in Phoenix at Mad Gardens. The next day in Tucson there was a skate contest at a street fair and a ramp set up in front of the Backstage. Our drummer took first place. That night at the gig, Lenny Mellow got very enthused at the bonding that had gone down between our band and crew and himself, and in a fit of passion, busted a beer glass over his head! He was bleeding like a motherfucker, went to get stitches and was stoked to get back to the gig in time for our set!
I was just turned on to your site and I think you fucking rule! Let me know what you are up to these days. Man it's great to see all that you have archived and saved. Fuck yeah!! I hope this finds you healthy and happy. Please be in touch (if you feel like it) I'd be stoked to continue "catching up"!! 
p.s....I just remembered that the Mad Gardens show was on my birthday. The band was out skating the Dead Cat Pool with Bam-Bam and some other locals, when the Jerry's Kidz guys gave me my b-day present------my first tattoo from Peter Tattoo! Hell yeah! Now I'm covered!!!



From: "George Hurchalla" <george@spot*******.com>
To: billc@sh*****
Subject: Going Underground: American Punk 1979-1992
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 09:12:14 -0500

Another incredible site you've put up, that I was lucky enough to stumble on in my research. I'm doing a book by the above title, that I've been working on five years, and though I was peeved some years back that some others beat me to the punch a bit - Steve Blush's "American Hardcore" - I'm actually glad I've waited because so many people are coming out of the woodwork in the last year or two to share their memories with the Internet world, and like Eighties punk was a word-of-mouth network passed around by small zines and such, linking it up all over again is the same sort of thing, but now it's made much easier by websites and Google (I came to it through TC Punk, actually, the Minneapolis punk forum, where curiously I haven't found anyone to help me with Minneapolis but I have been turned on to some great sources in other places). I'm working frantically to get the book to the printer by mid-January, so I may not get a chance to work with Ed if he's interested, but I'm really looking forward to seeing more of his great shots, and seeing if he'd like to contribute to my book. I've got four primary photogs so far from LA, Austin, Chicago, and NY, and upwards of 80 shots going into the book. I also have been wanting to get some perspective on the "desert scenes", Arizona and Reno, and any memories you'd be willing to share about your involvement, memorable shows/encounters with visiting bands, a description like on the site of The Backstage that I could use, etc. I'm trying to do a fine balance of acknowledging that the period I cover was a unique era that hasn't really existed since, while like you say, not wallowing in nostalgia but saying "here it was", don't try to recreate it and instead create your own thing and be proud of it, don't worry what might have been "better" before you, because people have been caught up in that thinking since '79. Oh, and most importantly, I'm using flyers in tremendous numbers in the book as eye candy in the margins and such, and would like permission from the artists to use ones on your site. The book is going to start as a 1000 copy print run, 9 by 12 inch, DIY publication through my new press, Zuo Press, and hopefully it will strike a chord and multiply into many more print runs.


From: "Lasse W***" <lassewis@**.com>
Subject: Conflict
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 20:18:49 +0000

Hi there,great site..!
I'm just curious, Did the band Conflict release the LP "Last Hour" around '83? I have an MRR issue (#10) with a Conflict ad from Placebo records. There's an interview with them in it as well. If you don't have it,i might be able to scan it for you.


Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 17:37:06 -0800 (PST)
From: "billy broadfoot" <befoot@**.com>
Subject: FLYERS!
To: billc@sh****
CC: befoot@**.com

Hi Bill.
I saw a little spot on tech TV about your site. Had to do a double take... WOW! So I wasn’t the only idiot that saved junk like this. How cool is that. I lived in O.C. and frequented the Hong Kong Cafe, Starwood the Whisky and others. Saw lots of bands and still have a good hand full of flyers. So in what part of AZ are you hang'n at? I'm up here in Prescott I don't have my scanner hooked up right now or I would send you a couple (keep an eye on your e-mail if I get off my ass I’ll send you some copies) Well that’s about it. I just wanted to say you have a cool site.
Cheers, Billy B



Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:41:19 -0800

To: billc@s*****
From:"Scott C******" <scott@******.com>
Subject: Flag load

Hey Bill,
I've always been a huge Black Flag fan and a friend of mine sent me to your site for the mp3's. Thanks a lot. That's the dec 2nd show of 82! I also saw the photos you posted. Made my day.

Scott C*****


Tue, 14 Dec 2004 19:03:06 -0700
From:"Michael***" <m**@i***
Subject: Yer punk flyer pages..

I saw your page linked of MeFi. The pages are great! Do you have scan of the hand bills (from PHX) at a slightly higher resolution anywhere? I would love to print them up for my sister for a cheap yet thoughtful X-mas gift.


Thu, 16 Dec 2004 15:05:24 -0800
Subject: Re: Six degrees of it's a small world
From:"Zach Hitner" <zach.hitner@se*****.com>  Add to Address Book
To: "burl slabs" <chumnley@****.com>

the thing that’s cool about your site, is that it falls outside of nostalgia, for us, since it’s our actual history. And to be honest I’ve never looked back on that time as my glory days, they were fun as hell and I wouldn’t trade them for a minute, but life continues to be interesting, and damn if I want to feel like I peaked when I was 17. Ideally I’d like to get a glimmer of complete contentment and then fall over dead seconds later. Pull a Costanza and leave on a high note...
I’m going to go hunt down the blog entrys and chuckle to myself.
I’ll send you some scanned stuff in a few days.


Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 10:29:14 -0800
Subject: Six degrees of it's a small world
From: "Zach Hitner" <zach.hitner@******.com>
To: billc@sh*****

A guy I know from LA sends me an email wondering if I was in the tucson hardcore scene in the 80's and played in a band called civil death. The question causes me to immediately think he must know someone from way back when, only he doesn't, but he directs me to shavedneck. Which had me smiling
like a sonofabitch for the rest of the day. Very cool to see the relics of the era and really nice job on pulling it all together. So how the hell are you? Google sent me to Stanford's radio station,
you still there or doing something else? And it looks like karen is up here in seattle, but I can't locate nick. You ever hear from anyone else?
Love to hear from you,

[note: i hadnt seen/talked to zach in 16+ years - bill]


"Al Q**** (Suburban Voice)" <suburbanvoice@*****.net> 
To: billc@sh*****
Subject: cool site
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 12:24:07 -0500

Hi Bill:
someone posted a Husker Du flyer on a message board and it had Conflict on there... so I did a little Google searching and came across this site. Nice job... I remember ordering your first demo from Nurse in 1982 and I still have the LP as well... I did a zine called Suburban Punk and it's still going under the name Suburban Voice, although I haven't published for awhile. I also do a radio show and play songs from the LP from time to time... you can check it out here: 
do you stay in touch with Nurse at all? I'd love to drop her a line if you do...
take care



Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 11:52:11 -0500
From: "Chris F*******" <cf****@***.edu> 
Subject: JFA
To: billc@sh*****


Great to come across your site the other day. I was hoping to find a picture of the sniper-scope Ron Reagan JFA shirt and have had trouble. Can you help me out?
Chris F*******

[thanks chris for the great idea -bill]


"John L****" <jrl_hooked@******.com>
To: billc@sh*****
Subject: Fw: Web Site
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 21:21:29 -0700

I happened go stumble upon your website this evening.  I used to be good friends with Pat Longrie back in the early 80's, in fact we were in a band together, Unity.  I used to be really into to the SoCal scene in the <message sent early...continued below>

Not sure why this message sent early, so I will continue...I used to be really into the SoCal Punk scene in the 80's.  I went to most of the shows from the flyers you have on the web site.  I was also friends with 7 Seconds, MIA, Suicidal Tendencies, etc.  I got out of the scene in the mid 80's after high school and lost track of everyone.  I moved to Phoenix and 93 and still live here.  I was wondering if you had any contact with Pat Longrie recently?  It would be great to touch bases with him again.  If so let me know how I might reach him.  I had no idea that JFA was still playing!  I saw they played recently in SoCal.  One of my best friends in Orange County that I started my first band with used to go to school with Brian when he lived in Phoenix, so we met a few times in LA at shows.  It would be cool to see them again.  I found a picture of Minor Threat taken in 83 at the Cathay de Grande in Hollywood, I am the one with the Minor Threat shirt, suspenders, and bangs sticking straight up with the crazy look on my face.  This show was a surprise show on a Monday night that started after 10PM, I think only about 50 people were actually there.  Henry Rollins was there as you can see from the other photo.  It really brings back some great memories.
Talk to you later,
Rob Lynch


To: billc@sh*****
From: "Michael T*******" <michael@up*******.com>  Add to Address Book
Subject: Tucson Punk rock flyers
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 18:13:07 -0800

Hello Bill C!
I was checking out some of the cool Tucson flyers you have on your web site and I thought I would get in touch. Currently, I am making a documentary film about the Tucson music scene covering the early days and some of the bands we're including are: The Pills, Phantom Limbs, and Jonny Sevin. I was wondering if you'd be interested in letting us put a couple of your the flyers in the film? Also, we'd be interested in doing a link exchange with you as well.Please let me know, Thanks,



From:"Joel F**" <ahfugyou@**.com>  Add to Address Book
To: billc@sh*****
Subject: hello from another Tucson punker
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 02:51:55 +0000

Hi, my name's Joel.  I'm just writing to say how much of a kick I got out of your website.  I was too young to know about all that shit in 1982, (like second grade I'm 31 now) but I discovered hardcore in high school and UPS and Bloodspasm and JFA and the Dicks etc still give me the same thrill and excitement as when I first heard that stuff at 16.  Me and my friend Travis, who introduced me to a lot of this music, started a band ourselves (Los Federales) and it evolved into a sort of purist hardcore sounding band.  We had a lot of fucking fun playing in together and played from '95 to 2001.  We did two Dicks covers- Rich Daddy and No Fuckin War.  We used to play No Fuckin War around 1998-99 during the Bosnian War, but if I could only get up on stage and sing it right now, jesus fuckin christ.  1984 aint shit... Speaking of the Dicks,  I'm just about ready to go down and watch them play at the Eagle Tavern up here in SF!  They are my absolute favorite band ever and I never thought I'd get a chance to see em live, but I guess they're playing a few shows again.  
Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and thanks.  I had not heard of Conflict before, but those Mp3s are like pure gems.  You guys are like the purest, most classic 1982 hardcore... those songs just fill me with glee.  Damn I wish I was around for some of those shows.  I suppose your album on Placebo is pretty way out of print right?  Shoot. 
Alright later.  Your friend, Joel F**

[Los Federales are a kick-ass Tucson band that you should familiarize yourself with - bill]


Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 18:49:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "donn II" <prole33@***.com>
Subject: your site.....
To: billc@sh*****

made me soooo happy.
ive loved CONFLICT since i first saw u that temple show with SD... i, of course, swiped those live MP3s immediately...and was glad...oh yes. more please. to this day i turn kids onto your old band,,,when i see a CONFLICT patch at shows i play....i take them aside and tell them they have a patch of the "shitty" CONFLICT and if they want...ill tape them the good one....and they always say "yeah hook me up" wouldnt ya know? the kids always get back to me and say..."fuck man they are the good CONFLICT" then they ask....where can i get this?. and i tell em they are shit out of luck... but im guessing...not for long huh? ok if you talk to karen anytime soon tell her donn from VIC MORROWS HEAD says hello...and to email me if she can. yeah im donn by the way...nice to meet you!
donn II

[I've been friends/in a band with the original drummer for Vic Morrow's Head since 1988(!). This email was a kick in the head for all three of us!- bill c.]





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