Heres a collection of flyers for San Francisco Bay Area shows from 1986-87 courtesy of KZSU master dj Kevin Maeder, a.k.a. "The BIG CHIEF". Take special note of the Mentors flyers, signed by the late great El Duce.

01-Mentors-Gilman 02-AngrySamoans-Gilman 03-Aggression-Gilman 04-VerbalAbuse-Keshas 05-Mentors-Farm

Mentors - Gilman

AngrySamoans - Gilman

Aggression - Gilman VerbalAbuse - Keshas Mentors - The Farm
06-GBH-Oasis 07-CJs-RockOnBroadway 08-CJs-Stone 09-VerbalAbuse-PaloAlto 10-SuicidalTend-PaloAlto
GBH - Oasis Circle Jerks - Rock On Broadway Circle Jerks - The Stone Verbal Abuse - PaloAlto SuicidalTendencies - PaloAlto
11-CJs-PaloAlto 12-SocialUnrest-SantaClara 13-Adolescents-OneStepBe#35 15-Slayer-DRI Adolescents-1
Circle Jerks - PaloAlto Social Unrest - SantaClara Adolescents - One Step Beyond, San Jose Slayer, DRI - Sacramento Adolescents - San Jose


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