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1983. Collage from promotional material. The cop's bumper sticker reads "I don't brake for punks" and the words in the corner read "To serve and protect". The body under the blanket has a shaved head, mohawk, and a bullet wound. This flyer may have been the single most highly distributed of them all: About 1000 were printed and put up, for days, all over Tucson along poles on 5th Street, Broadway, everywhere. I personally plastered every corner, every building (practically) at the UofA. As it was, Redd Kross flaked and despite all the flyering, only about 60 people showed up. Sin 34 were the best ever: An LA/Orange County hardcore band fronted by a very sweet/brutal singer named Julie. What a great band, Sin 34! One of the very few hardcore punk bands with a female vocalist/front person.




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