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1983. Another classic show where only about 40 people showed up to the Backstage, yes, for Minor Threat. They were touring "Out of Step" and had two guitarists, their normal bass player Brian playing guitar. The dead stops in "Betray" were so tight that you could hear a pin drop. Pretty mind blowing. The whole "straightedge" thing was in full force and they wouldn't drink beer but instead downed about 10 pitchers of the Coca Cola Corporation's finest. Lyle also gave me shit for using an MXR Distortion+ between my Les Paul and Marshall (instead of plugging straight in) claiming it would "hurt the amp". Such a purist. But goddamn they were good.

Checkout the backside of this flyer to see how we used to cut costs and recycle paper.

Don't miss the great photos below.



Heres two photos that Rob Garlic found on the web of Minor Threat singer Ian MacKaye during th is 1983"Out of Step" tour. Rob is clearly in the background of the first photo, wearing the tour t-shirt. The second has Black Flag singer Henry Rollins capturing some attention (Rob's still there). Both photos were taken at a gig at the Cathay de Grande in LA by an unknown photographer.


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