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1983, original artwork by Zach Hitner. Vandals had just been through town but that only brought more people out for this one as their reputation was swelling like a turd in the rain. They played the next night in Phoenix at Mad Gardens. That day they stole two tanks of nitrous oxide from a local dentist and brought them to the show and to an after party in West Phoenix. Some poor punk kid gave his lip frostbite by sucking directly from the regulator. I had never had "laughing gas" before and proceeded to understand quickly how someone could've yanked all my teeth and I wouldnt have cared less. The next night the Vandals played back down in Tucson again, for a "word of mouth" show at the Stumble Inn (see later flyer). They brought the two tanks out after they were done playing and the crowd proceeded to finally empty them.




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