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1983. A classic gig. The Vandals were a far different band then than they are today. Their bass player then, Human, had a pierced cheek that he could blow air through and the singer, Stevo, sported a bright orange thick Mohawk during this brief period (which can be seen in their cameo appearance in the film "Suburbia"). They loved to spoof the whole "punk" thing, even then, long before "mall piercings", and may have been the first "ironic" punk band ever. After amazing performances by JFA and fellow Phoenicians JA, the Vandals took the stage. Stevo launched the set with a Henry (Rollins) parody, fiegning seriousness and angst, spoofing the opening line from Black Flag's "Revenge": "Its not my imagination: I'VE GOT A CHEESE PUFF ON MY HEAD!!!!" at which point they crashed into Anarchy Burger. When they launched into a cover of Focus's "Hocus Pocus" they fired up a fog machine "stolen from Channel Three earlier that week" and proceeded to fill the entire Backstage with fog, so thick you couldnt see the person next to you. The fog was literally rolling out the door of the place onto the dimly lit asphalt of 4th Ave, where many patrons had retreated for fresh air. Stevo playing the flute solo to Hocus Pocus, with an actual flute, will always be ingrained in my memory.

I think this flyer was drawn by Zach Hitner (though it lacks his signature). It was one Backstage flyer that made the excellent flyer collage that adorns the liner of the recent CD re-release of JFA's classics ("We Know You Suck"- Alternative Tentacles 2003).





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