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More Raymond Pettibon art, sent out in advance and modified by us locals. Pushead's art was popular at the time too but Pettibon really scratched a twisted itch. The woman is cutting an "X" into the forehead of the other with a razor blade; baby and mother in the background have already been disfigured. This was a ritual of the Mansons. Intentional or not, its a great spoof of the "Straightedge" movement and their obligatory "X". This gig occurred early in 1983 and we posted hundreds of these all over Tucson's downtown/4th ave/University areas. The Meat Puppets were still in their total psychedelic noise punk acid era, almost entirely unlistenable. That changed within the year.

Listen to some live Black Flag recordings off the board from an Arizona gig around that time here.

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Below is a photo taken of Henry Rollins at the show by Tucsonan Ed Arnaud.

Copyright Ed Arnaud, 1983/2004 All rights reserved.

For more amazing photography by Ed Arnaud click on the photo.





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